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Eloquent JavaScript, Second Edition

Eloquent JavaScript Book Cover This book contains valuable information for both complete beginners or experienced programmers that do not have intermediate knowledge of JavaScript. I worked through the last ten chapters so I could get up to speed on the language, as I needed to for some of my recent projects. Unlike many old and new JavaScript books available, the code examples are well-written and form a good foundation for writing JavaScript properly.

Beat Detection Using JavaScript and the Web Audio API

Beat Detection Using JavaScript and the Web Audio API This article from the people at Beatport investigates the use of the JavaScript Web Audio API for beat detection in the browser. It outlines a method using low-pass filtering and building histograms for the average interval of time between peaks.

DesignToJS - A JavaScript Extension

This extension which is compiled with NodeJS provides neat approaches to optional/default function arguments, error handling and callback hell. The advantage of this extension over full-fledged languages that compile to JavaScript (e.g. CoffeeScript) is that you can write code that mixes both original vanilla JavaScript and DesignToJS. Syntax highlighting for Vim is also included, along with a bash script “autojshint” for linting.

Cloud 9 Trader - An Algorithmic Trading Platform with a Simple JavaScript API

Cloud 9 Trader - An Algorithmic Trading Platform with a Simple JavaScript API Many platforms have emerged in recent years that allow users to test trading algorithms and strategies in the cloud. These platforms offer tools and ease of access. You can easily get started in algo trading without having to go through complicated setup and also access the service from anywhere through a web browser. Cloud 9 Trader is an interesting approach as it provides a JavaScript API and editor (most platforms use Python and/or R). However, at the moment, it is limited to foreign exchange trading.

5 Tips to Become a Better JavaScript Developer

This blog post covers: the ‘this’ keyword, scope and variable hoisting, use of immediately-invoked function expressions (IIFEs) to avoid global variables, and the ‘use strict’ directive. I wish I had discovered this information when I started learning intermediate JavaScript.